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Tom, Princeton University

The team has been not only some of the most important mentors in my life, but also close friends and confidants. I can confidently say that without their guidance and friendship, I would not have succeeded in finding the right university for myself, along with my career and personal life choices.

Their guidance as college counselors was critical in my acceptance at multiple leading universities in both the US and the UK. They helped refine my writing, pushed me toward expressing and exploring my interests and passions, and helped me pick the university that would be the best fit for me both academically and socially.

However, it is their continued role as friends and mentors for which I am incredibly grateful. Although it has been long since I was one of their students, I am able to reach out to them for guidance on any and all topics, and they have never hesitated to pick up the phone or support me in a time of need, regardless of how trivial the topic was.


I started working with the team in the summer of my freshman year. They immediately helped assure me on some of my worries, including applying from a difficult state applicant pool (New York) and coming from a disadvantaged part of the state (upstate New York).

What helped me choose the team was the intimate relationship they offered between counselor and client, mentor and friend. They gave me the time management and larger perspective that I desperately needed for this process as I juggled portfolio deadlines, application essays, and optional supplements. They also helped me get through standardized testing and aided with SAT testing timing, starting in my junior year. Judging by how busy senior year fall I was, I’m glad they had the foresight to encourage me to do it earlier! Personally, I felt that I needed the team’s external stimulus to push and streamline me through what would have otherwise been a grueling, confusing mess of an application process.

From an emotional standpoint, they are the kind friends you need to get through stressful points in your life. They’ve helped me be more confident with myself and apply to higher-rated schools. I honestly didn’t think I would have applied to Yale or even momentarily entertained the thought of possibly getting in without the team’s incessant confidence and encouragement. Ironically, they are who I called first (before my family) when I got my dream acceptance to Yale, where I will be attending next fall. I honestly believe that I would not have been able to be admitted to Yale University—one of the most prestigious universities in the world and one of my farthest-reach dream schools—without the team’s influence and input.


In their role of helping families and students apply to US boarding schools and universities, the team has the gargantuan task of instructing students across the world on the cultural differences between American culture and their own. They are constantly innovating and creating new education programs to prepare students for school in the US, and guide those students to find their own strengths to shine in a foreign environment.

The team connects on a personal level with every one of their students. They recognize students’ strengths before students do themselves, and the team customizes their approach accordingly. They work with students during a time they need to hear encouragement the most. The team pushed me to realize my passion and strengths and advocate for myself. Their guidance brought me admission to Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the best boarding schools in the US; early admission to New York University; and two acceptances to accounting PhD programs.


College applications were daunting, but the team ensured I was as well-prepared. They were some of the best mentors I had in preparing for college. They played a key role in helping me identify universities that best fit my vision for the future, showed me effective ways to manage my applications, and advised me on my college essays—which helped me produce some of the best writing I have done to date. I am overjoyed to have had such attentive and caring coaches. I am proud to say I am now attending one of my dream schools, and I could not have done it without the team’s support.


I started working with the team during my sophomore year at the Taft School. We would have monthly calls so that I could update them on my classes, extracurricular activities, and new interests. During the summer before my senior year, we met weekly to work on college essays. They encouraged me to think creatively and authentically, portray my unique observations no matter how inconsequential they seemed, and experiment with styles and literary devices. With the team’s guidance, I found my voice and style. By the end of the summer, I had already completed more than half of my college essays.

They pushed me to stay organized and on top of everything during my senior year, when I had to balance both school work and college applications on top of being a remote student. Without them, I would not have had the motivation to push through. Applying to colleges and asking for significant financial aid during the pandemic was no easy feat, and I would not have persevered without their encouragement.

What I love the most about working with the team is that they care a lot about my general well-being and take a genuine interest in activities I do and books I read (even today, months after I finished opening my last decision letter). My experience never felt superficial or transactional; it was more about finding a place that fit me, a place that would allow me to grow to the fullest. Through every acceptance and rejection, they supported me, comforted me, celebrated with me. I’m beyond thankful to have them as mentors, as they continually push me to explore my passions and help me realize the value of creativity and authenticity.


My college applications experience was productive and nurturing thanks to the team. They are thorough and systematic; they know the college application game like no one else. Never have I been vetoed for my ideas so many times! And yet, underlying the dread I felt every time I had to think of a new idea, was a sense of empowerment that the team gave me. They brought out my best qualities and made sure they shined in my essays.

They challenged me, but also guided me and cared for me. They always checked in on me, making sure I was doing okay with school and family life. I felt valued, and I still do today. As a junior in college now, I still reach out to them for advice, because it is always the best.


The team was recommended to us by a friend who said that they were the best school placement professionals with whom she had worked. This undoubtedly was true. They took time to get to know our family. They provided a number of different options for us to look into, guided us through the application and interview process, and offered support even after we crossed the finish line. They are thorough, diligent, thoughtful, and honest, and became a part of our family during the process. We could not have achieved the same outcome without them. Our child is in the perfect place, and we could not be happier.

Jack, Parent

My daughter, Katy, could not have achieved admission to The Madeira School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Pennsylvania without the help and support of the team. They are trustworthy, professional, and deeply committed to their students. Thanks to their compassion and experience, our application processes turned into a wonderful, enjoyable journey!