Our Services

Summer programs
Application support
Development of best-fit school lists
Interview preparation and support
School tour planning
Late placement
Academic support

College Admissions

High school planning and support packages
College testing
College selection
Application and school resume support
College transition

VIP Tours

Individualized school tours and interviews
Planning and appointment support
Individualized travel itineraries
Personal school introductions

Drop Us a Line

Catherine Leary, M. Ed.
Educational Consultant
Cell: 919-720-0635
E-Mail: cleary120@gmail.com
Skype: catherine.leary120
WeChat: CatherineLeary

Zhang Cailing
Educational Consultant
Cell: 13801132460
E-Mail: cailing_zhang66@163.com
Skype: happy_cailing
WeChat: wxid_h0aqsoxdkcxr11

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